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伍子胥的故事 端午节与伍子胥的传说Now is the Dragon Boat Festival, and the north is the custom of eating the dumplings, wearing Sachet, dragon boat racing in the south as well, such as drinking realgar wine. Bring Dragon Boat Festival, many people will think of the great poet Qu Yuan. However, the Suzhou people say, in fact, the Dragon Boat Festival is the first memorial of Wu.
  Minister Wu Wu is the Spring and Autumn Period, were members of the word Zixu, turned out to be the state of Chu. His father, the Prince of Chu Wu She is the Grand Tutor. 522 BC, king Ping of Chu construction is about to marry Prince spotted the Qinmu Gong's daughter, and a traitor Fei Wuji conspiracy, robbery scene staged farce son's wife. Finally, the king Ping of Chu reconvened the Prince built, and the instigation of the Fei Wuji, Wu She killed and Wu's brother Wu and the Wu family is still more than 100 ports.
  Country full of open-minded hatred of hate at home, Wu may not want to sit still. He fled in panic, all the way Elegy. "Wuyuechunqiu" records, an arrest warrant was issued to arrest Chu Wu, also sent troops to catch up. Wu Tai-line the river, going to Heaven and crying, legends are all white hair overnight. He later heard that Prince built in the Song, they found him defect to Wu.
  Wu's flight experience, is the most talked about novelist later material, which derived from the story, more to the list goes on.
  Wu Wu fled after begging in the streets of Wu. By Wu Guogong sub-light to see, recognize Wu he is famous, so quietly that he hired his hangers on.
  Light to win over to the son of Wu, the Wu for his plan to seize power a set of programs. Zhuan Zhu Wu Wangliao first with the assassination, so the son of light to the throne and become king lu; and then with the assassination of Liao's son to leave Qingji for consolidation of the country and the king lu; then they found military strategist Sun Wu, growth the State of Wu's military power.
  Lu king came to power, the very confidence of Wu, to ask him how Chengjiubaye. Wu said the first thing is the "phase soil water tasted like heaven and earth, making building cities." Pattern of Suzhou city in 2500 which lay for many years. Wu did not forget of course, revenge, lu nine break in one fell swoop Wu Jun, Chu Ying Du, Ping Wu dug tomb Bianshi three hundred, at a blood feud.
  Helv ascended the throne after the son of Fu Chai of Wu defeated in the Taihu Lake water forces more soldiers, more are scoring up a victory, retreated Goujian Kuaijishan. Gou hardships of the scheme hidden from Wu, the Northern Expedition loyal Qi Fu Chai of Wu heard the plan was shocked several times, is the advice of Fu Chai Yue scourge, to be eradicated as soon as possible. By this time, was proud of where the listening into the Wu Fu Chai, the home truths? Qi Guoxuan also deliberately sent his envoy to war. To the Qi Guoxuan Wu king that war would be his son actually "Tuogu" minister in Qi, that is treason! Wu is also a straightforward happens stubborn temper, he told himself after the death of Fu Chai, "Wu Death to the more" sense of foreboding. King was furious, "thanks to" the sword so that he committed suicide. Wu died furious and said: "After my death will be my eyes on the city of East Gate, the more I want to see how the soldiers to fight the country into the city." This angered the king did under even more, he sent the dead bodies into the river of Wu.
  Ben Wu Fu Jian Zixu death, with the flow into a Yang-Bo Narcissus. Southern Liang Daizong Howling's "Jingchu Chronicle", the first explicit reference to the victims of Wu's time is "May 5", from the beginning on this day the people of Soochow "in Jiang Su Tao Ying Tao of God," child sacrifice Wu Xu's souls, and this is the origin of dragon boat racing. Can be seen, the Dragon Boat Festival is the result of the first Wu ago. "Jingchu in mind," said the Dragon Boat Festival originated, they are more clear: "things in Zixu, none of Quping also."
  206 years after the death of Wu and his people with a Chu Yuan, once again, after being exiled grandson since Shen Miluo. The difference is that the two men: Qu Yuan in the case could drag on, he took the martyred; Wu survive in difficult circumstances, after the difficult, the last successful flight. More difference is that Wu is not only victory of flight, but also chose the revenge! Dragon Boat Festival to commemorate Qu Yuan, the final evolution of the festival, I am afraid because this is also the feudal rulers need is submissive, the need is "Jun called Chen Si Chen had to die" instead of resistance and revenge.
  Confucius said: "Jun-Jun, Chen Chen; Father Father, Son and Son." Means that the king should be like a monarch, minister to be like a minister. However, Confucius did not say if the "king not king", and ministers how to do? "By beam floating in the sea?" The key question is can often monarchy with "floating in the sea" is not free to courtiers ah! Mencius'd happy, pointedly said: "The king, as the minister as foe, as Chen Jun, such as autocrat!" Would be right for such a little taste. Results are the first Ming emperor ordered the "waste not worship", even tablets have been thrown out of the Confucian shrine.
  In short, the history of authoritarian monarchs do not like such people of Wu, they need people like Qu Yuan. They asked only signed between the monarch and his subjects unilateral "King contract" - I always have "faint" right, but you can only do "loyalty" obligation.
  Wu forgotten by history, Qu Yuan are much forward, one of the reasons, indeed intriguing. However, in Suzhou, 2500 years later, people have changed, Xumen has been stands. The Xumen the edge of the addition of a stone image of Wu, unaware of the vicissitudes of life with unlimited.
  People as a mirror, every Dragon Boat Festival, Wu's probably still a lot of people think英语好文阅读